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Community Resources

Here you will find community resources for anyone residing in the Madison County area of Mississippi.

Food Insecurity Resources - Madison County, Mississippi


Our Daily Bread Ministries

505 S Union St

Canton, MS 39046

(601) 859-9211

Parkway Pentecostal Church

1620 Mannsdale Rd

Madison, MS 39110

(601) 853-2607

MADCAAP Food Pantry

181 Watford Pkwy Dr

Canton, MS 39046

(601) 407-1404


Emergency Assistance - Madison County, Mississippi

State of Mississippi - Mississippi Home Corporation

Emergency Solutions Grant

Mississippi Home Corporation

735 Riverside Dr

Jackson, MS 39202

(601) 718-4668

United Way of the Capital Area

(601) 948-4725

This organization provides utility assistance, rental assistance, emergency assistance, and connection to other resources.

Madison County Citizens Services Agency

140 West Center St

Canton, MS 39046

(601) 855-5710

This organization helps with housing, rent, and commodity foods for immigrants, seniors, and single parents.


181 Watford Pkwy Dr

Canton, MS 39046

(601) 407-1404

This organization provides food, clothing, education and housing repair assistance to clients living below the federally mandated poverty level.

For additional resources and information, click on our Contact Us button below and send us a message entitled Community Resources Request to be connected to a social worker.


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